The PCG Extension Fund was incorporated on March 16, 1999, under the Missouri General Not for Profit Corporate Fund Law. It was established for the purpose of assisting churches with their financial needs. As a result, those who invest in the Extension Fund have made it possible to fund loans to PCG Churches, Ministries and Institutions for a variety of reasons. Such as the ability to expand their present facilities, or renovation of facilities for worship, education and ministry along with refinancing of existing loans.
Frequently Asked Questions:
How does the Extension Fund Provide loan services?
The Extension Fund can provide loan services to PCG churches through the investment of those who are willing to place their monies in the fund. This program is open to all PCG membersto invest in, either as individuals or corporate entities.
What are the terms and rates of investments?
We currently offer one, three, and five year investments; however, our rates are always subject to change. For a rate inquiry, please call the PCG Extension Fund toll-free at 877. 754.3892.
How is the Extension Fund different from a bank or credit union?
When it comes to making a decision as to which financial institution an individual should choose to entrust his or her money, the eternal benefits provided through the PCG ExtensionFund should be kept in mind. Not only does the Extension Fund offer better rates than banks and credit unions, it also uses the investor’s funds wisely. The Extension Fund is building on Kingdom foundations as it assists churches in accomplishing their God-given goals.
Is the Extension fund secure from economic woes?
No business or institution is exempt from the risk of failure. Fortunately, our business is Kingdom business, which means God is in control. Secondly, we take our responsibility towards our investors very seriously. This is why we have strict lending guidelines and review each loan application carefully. For a more detailed report concerning the financial status of the ExtensionFund, please request an Offering Circular.
Is the extension fund FDIC or NCUA secured?
The Extension Fund is not secured by any investment insurance. We rely on the faithfulness of payments from local churches as stated in their signed Promissory Notes. All loans are secured by a first mortgage, naming the Pentecostal Church of God Extension Fund as lien holder.
Does the Extension Fund offer retirement services?
Yes. We offer Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) for both individuals as well as for corporate entities. Rates and terms are the same as normal investments.
What is the process to invest with the extension fund?
There is an application to fill out that asks for personal information. On the application, the investor may name a joint owner or beneficiary. All information is confidential. The investor may request an application by e-mail at extfund@pcg.org or by calling 877. 754. 3892.
How is interest earned paid to the investor?
We have the flexibility to pay investors their interest as they choose. We can pay the interest quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The investor can also choose to reinvest any earned interest until the investment matures.
Does the investor get a statement?
Yes. The investor will receive a quarterly statement to show any interest earned, the principal amount invested and the total earned up to date.

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